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Co-Working Space in Saskatoon

Co-working spaces provide the opportunity to collaborate, network, and launch your business to the next level while reducing the overhead of a private office.

The benefits of renting a dedicated co-working desk include:


Co-working desks are always available to you as each of our 6 co-working desks are assigned to an individual. That means that you can keep your desktop computer or large monitor and other belongings on your desk. However, due to the small monthly fee you don’t have to feel obligated to be in your office at a certain time each day and can pack up and go whenever you like.


There will be about 20 other small business owners in offices all around you affording you the opportunity to meet someone new in the kitchen or at the photocopier. These kinds of networking opportunities are often what can make a business-making connection to last a lifetime.

Sense of Community

Being surrounded by like-minded, success oriented business people provides a sense of community that is often the thing our clients miss most about working from home or on the road. Contact us today to join The Link community.

Work/Life Balance

Anyone who works from home can tell you that the line between work time and life time is not only blurred but has often completely disappeared. Imagine being able to say, “I’ll get on that first thing tomorrow when I’m in my office”. And when you leave the office, you don’t do anymore work! 90% of people who co-work report being more confident, according to a recent survey. Wouldn’t you like to feel more confident about your work/life balance?


Moving from working at home to working within a professional office environment can make all the difference for your business to flourish and reach it’s full potential.

Check out which of our dedicated co-working desks are available HERE.