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Start A Business New Orleans

The line that separates the money between profits and expenses are blurry when you cannot do the right calculations for taxes and other transaction costs. Running a multifaceted business requires you to complete the due tax deduction calculations, payroll fees, and other financial records that make the business a smooth revenue-generating enterprise.

The cost to start a business in New Orleans is more than the cost of buying a franchise. You have to consider questions like, ‘do I need to register my business in Louisiana,’ and the price of the office space if you want actual startup costs. You will also take into account the cost of supplies, the inventory, taxes, business insurance, and website setup costs.

There are several myths about franchising. A greater deal of these myths revolve around money and include concerns about how much one truly makes while working with a franchise business. It is prudent that you understand all the fees involved in the process before committing your hard-earned cash to a business that will drain all savings.

What are franchise fees?

These costs of entry are also known as the initial fee. They are a one-time payment that unlocks franchisors’ proprietary business systems. One acquires the trademark, products, brand, and business model after the payment.

The law requires one to pay $500, but most will range between $10,000 and $50,000. This amount is not synonymous with the total upfront cost and will cover the cost of initial marketing, training, application, sales commission, and advertising. The seller discloses the amount in the Franchise Disclosure Document to enlighten the prospective buyer on the expected amount.


These fees are payable to the franchisor every month. They have a higher percentage with the basis of the percentage of the revenue. The most common way of assessing these fees is by looking at gross sales. Typically, royalties cost a percentage of between five and nine of the gross sales. Royalties allow franchisors to provide ongoing support.

Travel costs

This amount is usually the initial cost you experience as a prospective franchisee. You may have to travel to the headquarters of the franchising business and the location of the business you want to purchase. These fees cover any ongoing travel you will have while attending the annual convention.

The possibilities of how to start a franchise in NO LA are endless and give you enough scalability will all business structures. LLC filing fees range between $50 and $500. The average cost is $127 in most states. You can buy a perpetual LLC to serve a particular duration or an indefinite LLC to last an unpredictable timeframe.

Why and how do I start an LLC in Louisiana?

There are innumerable fees buying a franchise or to start a business in New Orleans. Franchise Mentor will help you set up an LLC that gives you all the due benefits of one, such as:

  • Elimination of double taxes
  • Protection of assets
  • Possibility to make fast changes
  • Easy registration



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